Bryan Cranston reveals he's playing himself in 'The Masterpiece', the movie about the making of the cult movie 'The Room'


The Room, a film funded by entrepeneur Tommy Wiseau for $6 million, was supposed to be a serious movie, but what turned out instead was, what many consider, one of the very worst movies of all-time. 
Its incomprehensible narrative, terribly out-there script, and hilarious non-intentional one-liners has been the joke for many internet fans.
It has become such a cult classic that there are countless nationwide screenings out there of the movie. If there is one in the area I do recommend you experience a sold-out showing of the film, the hoots and hollers alone are worth the price of admission.
It's become a sort of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" experience with "interactive traditions such as dressing up, mimicking scenes and throwing plastic spoons at the screen in reference to the framed photo of a stock image spoon that appears as a background prop throughout. "
"The Masterpiece" could become a cult classic of its own as it is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 abomination.  The film stars James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Zach Efron, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith and, yes, Bryan Cranston as himself?

"I play a real-life character who's this sitcom dad," Cranston explains to Fairfax Media "I play a character named [pauses for effect] Bryan Cranston."

Franco says Sestero has already seen an early version of The Masterpiece and "absolutely loved" it.

"He spent many years with Tommy and gave me a very nice compliment as someone who probably knows Tommy better than anybody. He thought the performance was just great and right on, so I feel really good about that."