Box-Office: 'Doctor Strange' stays at the top, "Trolls" remains strong and "Arrival" exceeds expectations

"Doctor Strange" will be making big bucks in the next few weeks to come. There's no doubt about it. You can add another $43 Million week-end gross to its tally, it has now racked up more than $153 Million in just two weeks.

"Trolls,'" which has been one hell of a force to reckoned with, finished its second weekend with mre than $35 Million. It has now earned $95 Million at the domestic box-office.

The big news though is Denis Villeneuve's "Arrival" overperfoming, exceeding expectations with a cumulative weekend intake of $24 Million. It was expected to gross around $16 Million.

1-Doctor Strange $43 Million
2-Trolls $35 Million
3-Arrival $24 Million
4-Almost Christmas $15 Million
5-Hacksaw Ridge $11 Million