What happened between 'Deadpool' director Tim Miller and its star Ryan Reynolds?

As we reported yesterday, director Tim Miller left the Deadpool sequel over “creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds.
We had the studio try the damage control route by saying the departure was "amicable," but sources tell us that Miller and Reynolds haven't been in the friendliest of terms since the first "Deadpool" came out earlier this year.

So what happened exactly to this fruitful partnership which resulted in the biggest sleeper hit of the year? 

Miller was on-board for the sequel, but problem was Reynolds signed a deal that granted him casting approval and creative controls according to The Wrap. That is basically where conflicts started to arise between Miller and Reynolds. Never give an actor more creative control than the actual director ....
"The casting issue also eventually came to a head over the possible booking of Kyle  Chandler in the sequel. Mashable movie reporter Jeff Sneider first reported Chandler’s potential involvement with the “Deadpool” sequel during a "Meet the Movie Press" podcast, saying that the actor’s name has been “floating around for Cable for months.” The insider close to the situation tells TheWrap that Miller wanted the “Bloodline” star to play Cable, though Reynolds did not and that the studio, ultimately, backed its marketable star."
At least we have the same writers back on board for the sequel which has been written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, but will that be enough? "Deadpool" was such a success because of how well Reynolds and Miller fed off of each other's talents. Miller is a CGI wiz that created some of the slapstick visual imagery that made the film stand out. Reynolds was the ACTOR that fed off of Miller's palette. If I were Reynolds I'd man up and reach out to Miller and ask him to come back on-board.