Tommy Wiseau, of 'The Room' infamy, is back with a new movie: 'Best F(r)iends'

Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed and financed "The Room" back in 2003, a film so bad that it has transcended genres and is now known as a "cult comedy." The film was so fascinatingly inept that it seemed too good to be true. Were Wiseau's intentions genuine? Did he really set out to make a good movie? The answer is, quite seriously, yes.

The dialogue was the stuff a third grader would write, the performances wooden and the sex scenes some of the most howlingly funny in cinematic history. Little did we think that Wiseau would ever want to make another film after his first catastrophic effort, but if there is anything that sets Wiseau apart from the rest it's his undying and overtly relentless passion for moviemaking.

Directed by, that's right, former wedding photographer Gary Wong, "F(r)iends is inspired by a road trip Wiseau and his "The Room" collaborator/actor Greg Sestero took back in 2003.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film, which was filmed over the last two months in L.A. and Canada, has Sestero playing a man that loses his entire family in a devastating car crash and, judging by the trailer, that very same day gets picked up on the highway by Wiseau “Are you in show business?,” Sestero asks, to which Wiseau sublimely replies" sort of.”

Wiseau is just waiting for someone in Hollywood to ask him if he wants to play the joker. Full Hollywood Reporter article can be found if you click HERE