THR: 'Mel Gibson Is No Longer Persona Non Grata in Hollywood'

I'll leave you with a few interesting quotes from this fascinating Hollywood Reporter article just published today (Full article can be found HERE). Suffice to say I have been defending Gibson's talents as not just an actor, but as a formidable director for years now. I look forward to catching "Hacksaw Ridge" next week at a press screening. 

I wrote something about his talents as a director just last week, that can be found HERE. Also he starred in "Blood Father" this summer: A visceral and pulse-pounding revenge thriller.

Things are indeed looking up for "Bloody Mel."

"After 10 years in director's jail, Gibson is back with 'Hacksaw Ridge' and lining up acting projects said to have CAA and UTA in a race to rep the star, who was once fired by WME's Ari Emanuel."

"I think Mel has been misunderstood by people who may not know him, but nobody can take his talent away," adds Permut. "Ultimately, I think time heals." 
"I've known Mel for many years, and his talents as a filmmaker are undeniable," says Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Warner Bros. "He is a gifted storyteller and has created some really exceptional films."
Producer David Permut, who is gay and Jewish, had some reservations before teaming with Gibson on the film, but he decided to get to know Gibson personally before drawing conclusions. What he found was a man well at odds with the headlines.
"Believe me, there were conversations I had with people who were questioning me about going down the path with Mel," says Permut. "But he's not the person some people interpret him to be on the surface. Ask anyone involved with this film — above the line, below the line — they all revered him. The crew would lay in front of the tracks for Mel. It was an amazing experience and a learning experience for me because I got to know the man whom I never really knew."