"The Girl on the Train" tops box-office with estimated $26 Million opening, "The Birth of a Nation" hits a wall

Despite negative reviews it seems like Tate Tayor's underwhelming "The Girl on the Train" will be topping the weekend Box-Office. Based on the popular Paula Hawkins novel of the same name, the film is said to end up with close to $26.5 million in its opening week. When have negative reviews ever dampened a film's box office success? Especially for such a popular novel. The good news is that this continues the success of adult oriented movies at the fall Box-Office, after "Deepwater Horizon" (#3 this week with an estimated $11.5 Million) and "Sully" (#6 this week with an estimated $5.1 Million) both had number one debuts and are headed towards 100+ million tallies.

"The Birth of a Nation," mired in its director Nate Parker's personal controversy, performed slightly as expected with an estimated tally of $7.7 Million. The film has been met with positive to mixed reviews after its triumphant debut at Sundance where it won both the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize. Its IMDB user rating, at the moment, is 5.1 which says a lot about the backlash that has occurred on the film.

Although fall Box-Office, as previously mentioned, is showing that audiences still want serious, adult stories, one look at the top 10 money-makers of 2016 tells a different story, with only 2 original stories in the mix, both animated ("Zootopia" and "The Sceret Life of Pets"). The rest of the list consists of sequels, superhero movies, and reboots.