'The Flash' Movie Loses 'Dope' Director Rick Famuyiwa

The departure of Famuyiwa likely means the delay of the movie’s start of production and release.

Rick Famuyiwa, who brought a unique vision to his coming-of-age Sundance hit Dope, has decided to leave "The Flash" over what the reps call "creative differences," 

The attempt by DC to promote an 'auteur driven cinematic universe' has gotten off to a rather lukewarm start. At this point I can't imagine many respectable directors wanting to jump on board the DC universe. This is what you get when you decide to hop on-board a supehero movie, are you ready to sell your soul to the devil? Famuyiwa didn't think so. In fact many people didn't think so. The amount of auteurs that have dropped out of superhero movies the last few years is astounding (Ava Duvernay, Joss Whedon, Joe Carnahan, Edgar Wright, Darren Aronofsky, George Miller, Rupert Wyatt )

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