Scorsese cuts 36 minutes from 'Silence, which is now 2 hours and 39 minutes

In an interview with The Playlist producer Irwin Winkler has stated that the Scorsese epic will NOT be the longest movie of the director's career. In fact, it won't even come close to it. According to Winkler, the original 3 hour 15 minute cut of "Silence" has been reduced by 34 minutes. Winkler also calls "Silence" "Marty's best movie." Can we get a trailer already?  "Billy Lynn" failing last night with the critics has us in need of this movie now more than ever. I spoke to a producer last night, close to the project, who was hinting that a trailer would get released by next week.

We exclusively reported  on Wednesday that Scorsese was "deep at work" in the editing room, working on the sound mix and will not be done until the "11th hour." That full article can be found HERE.

It was announced just last month that "Silence" would roll into theaters on December 21st and would expand wide in January.