Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and ... Rihanna? Your "Ocean's 8" cast

We still don't really know anything about the movie. All we do know is that it's a spinoff rather than a remake or reboot, the cast is great though. I'm praying this gets a decent script. Don't fuck it up Warner Bros. We don't need another "Ghostbusters" debacle where the entire online community starts hating on the film before it even screens.

Because humor is, in a way, subjective with the "Ocean's" films, this stands a much better chance at being successful as compared to "Ghosbusters" which had to heavily rely on humor. Also look at the great cast they have assembled here: Blanchett, Bullock, Hathaway and Carter are some of the best actresses of their generations, but Rihanna? I'm skeptical about that casting choice but I presume she won't get too much screen time either.

The date for "Ocean's 8," hey that's a nice little rhyme, is set for Summer of 2018. In a way, those mediocre sequels that followed Soderbergh's original 2001 "Ocean's Eleven" are definitely going to help make the case for this all-female version. Soderbergh version is some kind of heist movie classic, a pop masterpiece if you will.

For the time being I'll leave you with this relevant line from comedian John Mulaney. This was said way before there was any talk of this even happening.

"A heist film can't work with women. You couldn't do Ocean's 11 with women. It won't work because 2 of them would always be breaking off to talk shit about the other 9." - John Mulaney