"Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome edition" Now Streaming On Amazon

One does have to wonder about the actual colored version, the one that got released last year, and the eye-popping colors and landscapes that were perfectly captured by cinematographer John Seale. It will be hard to top that pop masterpiece. It is almost inconceivable to think of "Mad Max: Fury Road" as anything but a colored film. Its Western vibe fits perfectly with its sandy colors. To take a away color from such an eye-popping experience might to the film a major disservice.

Yes, maybe George Miller did intend for a "Black & Chrome" version at first, but it was such a perfect cinematic display that I wonder if he is actually hurting the original film instead of just letting it be and age like fine wine over time.  

Well now we can see it for ourselves and make up our minds about this troubling dilemma. The "Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome edition" is now streaming on Amazon. HD version is $6 or you can just buy it for $20.

Director George Miller has repeatedly said that the Black & Chrome cut is the "best version" of "Mad Max: Fury Road," it surely was the version he wanted to make all along, but the studio didn't want any of that.