'John Wick' stunt coordinator might be new 'Deadpool 2' director

I tried to refrain in talking again about the search for a "Deadpool 2" director, but I believe this is big news. They supposedly have a front runner for the job and it's the guy who was stunt coordinator for "John Wick."

I can seen why they'd want to hire David Leitch. "Wick" had quick, relentless stunt work ala "Deadpool." There's barely a cut in those action scenes, they almost feel like how a "Looney Tunes" episode would look like if it were rated R. 

I personally welcome a new director to "Deadpool 2," but mostly because the now fired Tim Miller was arguing over a bigger budgeted CGI fest. No, just no. That would completely take away the foundation of what "Deadpool" is all about. It's a pushback against the usual Blockbuster superhero movie. So really, forget about Tim Miller, he wanted to give us another CGI fest. What happened to creative ideas with whatever you have at your disposal? 

Deadpool had a budget of just $58M dollars.