Writer-Director of 'In a Valley of Violence' Ti West [Interview]

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My full interview for The Playlist with writer-director Ti West can be read HERE

Excerpts from my SXSW/Fantastia Film Festival thoughts on his latest, the retro-western "In A Valley of Violence:

"Ti West has made a career out of deconstructing the horror genre with genre classics such as "The House of the Devil" and "V/H/S." Who would have thought that the 36 year-old writer-director would be making the best movie of his career by delving into the Western genre with Ethan Hawke and John Travolta along for the ride."

"In A Valley of Violence" has Hawke's mysterious pale rider Paul involved in a random act of violence that turns a small town, bossed by Travolta's Marshal, into a violent mess. West directs this lovely, but absurdist, homage to the Western with a newfound energy and style we didn't think he had in him. "

"The most surprising aspect of the film is how funny it is, clearly influenced by Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns and West's own brand of darkly comic thrills. It's a ride that gallops into a cinematic territory with fresh new eyes and ears. We spoke to West about the film earlier this week and the mind-set he had going into this latest twisted cinematic endeavor."