Did we really need a "Suicide Squad" Extended Cut? Nope. Has that stopped Warner Bros? Of course not.

This year has got to be a defining turning point for Superhero movies." Batman v Superman," "X-Men: Apocalypse" and "Suicide Squad" were low-quality works. Yes, there was "Deadpool" and "Civil War," .... passable efforts, but nothing to brag home about.

David Ayer has long maintained that the actual theatrical release of "Sucide Squad" was the cut he intended for release, so let's not actually call this a "Director's Cut" it's actually an "Extended Cut." Ah, gotcha. The movie is just extended. 10 extra minutes have been added to this abysmal movie, minutes that will likely not make it any better nor develop any of the inane characters represented onscreen.

It is also quite clear that Ayer lost creative control of the film once reshoots were announced. If I were Warner Bros I'd be very careful releasing all of these "Director's" "Extended" "Final" cuts. People will start asking themselves "Ok, so should I just skip the poorer version of a DC movie, which is quite clearly reserved for theaters, and just wait for the better version of the film on DVD/Blu-Ray."