Darth Vader shows up in new 'Rogue One' trailer

This is more like it. One thing I like abut this new trailer is the multicultural cast. Feels fresh and distant enough from the other Star War movies. Also check out Darth Vader showing up for a brief second at 2:04. That was, supposedly, part of the re-shoots they did after Garth Edwards submitted his original "grittier" version. The film has been dampened with rumors that 40% of it had to be re-shot as per Disney's instructions. Do I believe those rumors? Yeah, you bet. This is business, not art-making. Nevertheless, this is a visually stunning new trailer with lots of intriguing prospects for the film itself. I do hope we get a "good" Star Wars movie.

Of note: Did you ever think we'd have to blame Mads Mikkelson for the "Death Star"?

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