"The Accountant" is absurd, but wicked fun

The film is currently under embargo and, like all embargoed films, I can only be vague about my feelings for the film (which I caught this afternoon). A full review will have to come at a later date, most probably around its October 14th release date. Affleck plays an autistic, but brilliant numbers guy that also happens to be an accountant for some of the world's biggest criminals. He also knows how to fight because of his father's constant persistence for rigorous martial arts training when he was a kid.

Think of this as Affleck's action movie, quite similar to Liam Neeson's with "Taken" or Keanu Reeves with "John Wick." Affleck's film is really just an old-fashioned action movie with not much on its mind, but to entertain. It is also much slower and, I guess, thoughtful than the aforementioned films, although there really isn't a vast amount of substance for your brain to ponder upon. It's a preposterous, but audacious treat. The action scenes are really well-shot and fluidly realized by director Gavin O'Connor, who brought a lot of grit to the boxing scenes in "Warrior." As previously mentioned this is a pretty absurd movie that does keep your attention throughout its, rather lengthy, 128 minute running time. Not many mainstream movies that can do that these days. So kudos to Affleck and O'Connor.