"The Magnificent Seven" opening #1 at the Box Office spells a forthcoming deluge of reboots/remakes

As predicted "The Magnificent Seven" has opened with a 35 million dollar weekend intake at the Box Office, overtaking "Sully" for the top spot. The latter movie starring Tom Hanks is close to the 100 million dollar mark and that's something to celebrate. It constitutes one of the few times in 2016 a smartly written, adult-oriented story has been this successful at the box office.

As for "The Magnificent Seven," I was not a fan of the film, my review can be found HERE. As for "The Magnificent Seven," I was not a fan of the film, my review can be found HERE. Also, what's the deal with a black cowboy riding around in the, primarily white, old west and no racial slurs or remarks ever being uttered towards him? That just wouldn't happen. Tarantino got it right in "Django Unchained" when Jamie Foxx's titular character rides into town with a horse and the whole town's jaws just drop ... of course there's that famous LINE.

This again proves the mainstream popularity Denzel has, I'm not complaining although him picking better movies would make things much easier to swallow. The success of "Magnificent" does also spell possible greenlight for many more remakes of classic films to come. To me, that's almost as bad as any terrible superhero movie. As reported last week Will Smith is already working on a "High Noon" remake. Also being remade "The Orphanage," "Rosemary`s Baby" "Starship Troopers"  "Scarface," "The Naked Gun," "Videodrome" and "The Harder They Come." YIKES. That's from not much research, I'm sure there are plenty more titles that I missed, but it's almost too pain-inducing to look for them.

EDIT: I gave in. Here are others that are about to begin shooting. Some personal favorites of mine which are about to get butchered include: "Akira," "A Prophet," "The Birds," "Cabin Fever," "Cube," "Das Boot," "Don't Look Now," "The Seven Samurai," and "The Fugitive."