Terrence Malick will be making a rare public appearance in October

Malick is such a mysterious man, I've heard stories about him showing up at Cannes during the premiere of "Tree of Life" and just sitting in the back incognito. He is supposedly shy, socially awkward, not really a public kind of man. That's fine, I understand that, but what made him decide to finally appear next month, at Jersey's Princeton Garden Theater, to discuss Roberto Rossellini's seminal 1954 classic "Journey to Italy?" I still don't believe it's going to happen. He will cancel or just not show up. The man can't possibly be doing this? or is he really going through with it?

Courtesy of the A.V. Club:

"Tree Of Life" and "Badlands" director Terrence Malick is a notoriously hard man to catch in the wild: he doesn’t appear in making-of features for his own films, grant many interviews, or even allow photographs of himself to surface in the public realm. (To say nothing of his 20-year hiatus from film-making, between 1978’s Days Of Heaven and 1998’s The Thin Red Line.) Fans of the celebrated director (and Italian cinema) might want to make their way to New Jersey next month, though: Malick has apparently been scheduled to speak at the Princteon Garden Theater, as part of a discussion on Roberto Rossellini’s 1954 masterpiece Journey To Italy. According to the theater’s web site, the October 21 showing of the film will be followed by “a live conversation with acclaimed director Terrence Malick.” Tickets don’t appear to be on sale for the event at the moment, although it’s not clear if they’re not available yet, or if fanatical Malick fans—hoping to get a glimpse of their hero beyond the occasional on-set photo—have already scooped them up."

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I know he has a small, almost invisible cameo in "Badlands." I don't think I've ever heard him speak to tell you the truth. His whereabouts unknown in the "making of" docs of his feature films. There's also this strange moment that happened  when he and Benicio Del Toro were walking out of a restaurant in L.A. - Check out the Malick's reaction when he sees the camera.

I have already written a review of "Voyage of Time" his latest film, this one about the beginning, middle and end of time. I dug it for the most part. Review should get posted in the coming week. I'll be comparing the differences between the 45 minute Brad Pitt narrated IMAX version and the 90 minute Cate Blanchett narrated feature-length version.