Something feels off with Denzel Washington's "Fences"

What do I see here? A scene where Denzel hams it up for the camera and Viola Davis cries relentlessly, those beautiful buggy eyes telling a world of emotions. But something is off here? I'm not sure what? Maybe not enough was given to us in this first sneak peek, but the overall vibe Im getting is Oscar-bait with adaptation limits that have squandered many other similar movies hopes in the past. This is based on August Wilson's play of the same name which also starred Washington and Davis. Those are powerhouse actors. They can elevate just abut anything. It is directed by Washington, whose previous efforts showed his limitations as a director. "Antwone Fisher" and "The Great Debaters" both competently watchable, but ultimately unsatisfying in their unattainable expectations. Do I hold out hope for "Fences"? Of course, it has two of the greatest working actors in the game working on a labor of love. The movie means a lot to everyone involved, but can it transcend into something truly special? We will see. The movie opens on Christmas day.