"Bruuuuuuuce" The Boss calls Trump a "moron"

I saw Springsteen and the E Street Band's last show at Foxboro this month. He played for 4 hours and 3 minutes. Crazy, right? But not just that, he was all over the stage, this isn't like Sir Paul McCartney who just stands there and walks around from. The Boss was working it that night. Most of us were exhausted by the end of it. I did notice that he got a little political before singing an acoustic version of "Long Walk Home." 

 "So along with all of you, I've had to live through the election campaign, and I gotta say, it's gotta be one of the ugliest I've ever seen. And there was just a lot of speaking to our worst angels. You let those things out of the bottle, all that ugliness — the genie doesn't go back in the bottle so simple. Anyway, I'm going to do this with that in mind. This is 'Long Walk Home'


That's all fine and dandy, but still vague, which is unlike him. For years he has been very political even going out on the road supporting candidates like Barack Obama and John Kerry. This year nada. He's been very quiet, but he finally unleashed during a Rolling Stone INTERVIEW:
“The republic is under siege by a moron. Without overstating it, it’s a tragedy for our democracy“When you start talking about elections being rigged, you’re pushing people beyond democratic governance. And it’s a very, very dangerous thing to do.Once you let those genies out of the bottle, they don’t go back in so easy, if they go back in at all."

"The ideas he’s moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous ideas — white nationalism and the alt-right movement. The outrageous things that he’s done — not immediately disavowing David Duke? These are things that are obviously beyond the pale for any previous political candidate. [In another era] it would sink your candidacy immediately.”