Why is Mulholland Drive the best movie of the last 15 years?

Here is a little something I wrote on Facebook concerning the film, which is also number 1 on my list of the greatest of the last 15 years:

"How about because it's the kind of film that is exactly about why we go to the movies in the first place. A dreamy, surreal, almost unexplained work of art. It intrigues you, frustrates you and passionately reaffirms your undying love for the movies. David Lynch dared us to get inside his bag of magic tricks and the epiphanous result felt like a religious re-awakening. In Scorsese's "Hugo" George Melies says concerning the cinema: "If you've ever wondered where your dreams come from, look around this is where they're made. Come and dream with me." Lynch invited us to dream with him as well back in 2001 and we haven't been able to shake it ever since."

Film critics and one of the producers of “Mulholland Drive” weigh in on the movie’s extraordinary staying power.