HBO's "The Night Of"

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The more "The Night Of" goes along, and now it's headed towards its 8th and final episode next weekend, the more you start to realize that we are not going to be getting any sort of complete closure in the finale. We might not even know who actually committed the crime. It won't matter. The justice system created a murderer in Naz. He's an accomplice to one in jail. That's for sure.

The show is one big fat example of the justice system failing in every account. Everyone's a loser at the end of this. I have never seen such a thorough and detailed account of the justice system and, yet, I feel like 8 episodes is still minimal and that a fuller picture could have been created with the addition of 2 more episodes. Nevertheless, this will do. It's a series with a lot on its mind, sometimes it stumbles, Naz and Chandra kissing was awkward, but it is a work of art.

2016 is shaping to be the most cinematic year in Television history: "The Night Of," American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson," "Better Call Saul," and "The Americans" all share cinematic influences that are undeniable and pertinent. If want a better example of that look no further than last year's exceptional season 2 of FX's "Fargo," which I believed was artistically better than anything released at the movies. No offense "Carol," 'Son of Saul" "Ex-Machina" and "Mad: Max: Fury Road"