The question of Scorsese's 195 minute Silence. Is it getting released this year?

By the way, anyone want to guess how long "Silence" is right now?

Kris Tapley mentioned the other day on Twitter that Scorsese`s Silence, still my most anticipated movie of the year, is going to clock in at 195 minutes. Making it the lengthiest Scorsese movie ever. That is if you don`t count the Bob Dylan and George Harrison docs. That is a lot to chew on. I`m fine with that. I`m ready. This is the film we`ve been waiting for all year: A meditative epic set in Japan that actually means something to its director. I hear it has shades of Kundun. which I didn`t really think highly of, but I`m willing to bet such a simple generalization will come to be untrue.

For the time being there is no release date on the film and that has me worried. If Paramount really wanted to release the damn thing they would have already had a tentative date in place. The film is not even featured in Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview. No mention of it. Nada. Nothing. Bad news dude. They're usually on the ball with these things so they might have made a few calls, asked around and realized that something isn't right with Silence for 2016.

Principal photography was completed in May of 2015. So you are telling me that its been more than 16 months since the damn thing concluded shooting? If released in December, it would be more than 20 months. You cannot wait until 2017 to release this thing. You cant release it 2 years after shooting. I am not blaming Paramount for this. Scorsese is supposedly still in the editing room with Thelma until October then, he was quoted as saying, it all depends on what Paramount wants to do with the film afterwards in terms of release date.