"Suicide Squad" is another bust because the director, yet again, had no creative freedom.

Having finally seen it, I have to say, it's another letdown from, not just the DC movie universe, but summer movie season 2016 as a whole. It sucks. I know. Will this be a lesson for Hollywood execs hell-bent of remaking, sequeling, rebooting EVERYTHING? I think we need another season like this before we start pushing the panic button, but people are keeping a close eye.

"Suicide Squad" is another nail in the coffin for DC, but this time it's not Zach Snyder as the scapegoat to blame. David Ayer directed this one and he's shown good chops in the past, most notably on the underrated WW2 Brad Pitt flick "Fury." There have been reports of ongoing friction between Ayer and Warner Bros. over final cut. Are we surprised? Of course not. Making a superior movie is a business first and, always, foremost. From sources I've spoken to, Ayer wanted a finished project that was going to be an R rating. That's what we wanted as well. This is "Suicide Squad," these are scum of the earth villains, why are not getting the goods?

At the end of the day isn't that what it comes down to? Creative freedom? I haven't caught Zach Snyder's "Ultimate Cut" of "Batman v Superman," but I've been told it's far superior to the theatrical version. Maybe Ayer can do the same and give us a director's cut on DVD. Mattel, on the other hand, seem to have it going on in terms of what they want their movies to be about. They've also given creative freedom to such projects as "Deadpool" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." HUGE hits that were not your typical Marvel superhero movie. I'm concerned about DC's lack of imagination, energy and overall fondness for reinvention. That will be their downfall.