Best Animated films of the 21st Century?

You're going to be seeing a lot of "Best of the 21st Century lists" coming up in August because the BBC will be unveiling the poll they conducted with hundreds of film critics worldwide. It will stir up debate no doubt, but here's my take on it, but genre by genre. I first did Comedy. Now here is Animation:

(1) "Spirited Away" (2) "WALL-E" (3) "Up" (4) "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" (5) "Ratatouille" (6) "Toy Story 3" (7) "The Triplets of Belleville" (8) "Waking Life" (9) "Finding Nemo"(10) "Waltz With Bashir" (11) "The Incredibles" (12) "Shrek

So where is the medium heading? I believe that hand drawn is dead, I'm crushed, but that's the reality with the advance of technology. Pixar is king at the moment, but their consistent insistence at making sequels is slightly tarnishing their reputation. They have stated that the last of their sequel-bonanza will be in 2019 with what swans to be a sequel to "The Incredible."

We shall see where this all leads to in the years to come, but the way animation has been used in regards to inventively make it a tool for various different genres, including Documrntary, proves that it might play a more dominant role in the years to come, especially in the prestige front. It was s taboo genre for years with the academy, but now it has finally broken through it and seems to be racking up the respect as a genuine cinematic art form.