What happens when you mix George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock?

George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock might not have much in common, but that didn’t stop Fabrice Mathieu from concocting the brilliant homage “Darth by Darthwest.”

A mash-up of the Hitchcock’s classic 1959 movie “North By Northwest” and Lucas’ “Star Wars” this six-minute film tries to blend the iconic Star Warts imagery we’re all familiar with, most notably a TIE FIGHTER, C-3PO and the Millennium Falcon, with the now iconic scene of Carey Grant’s Roger O Thornhill running through the cornfield being chased by a plane.

Mathieu also opts for Bernard Herrmann’s immaculate score over John Williams’, good choice, and switches the American mid-west setting for Tatooine! The film opens with Grant waiting for a Bus on the planet as he watches Jawas and Sarlaccs pass hilariously pass him by. C-3PO shows up and then all hell breaks loose as the TIE fighter, replacing the original’s plane, chases down Thornhill through a cornfield.

No need to reveal what happens next, but suffice to say that Mathieu has really outdone himself here in terms of creative imagery and overall cleverness. It feels like something Hitchcock would have concocted had he delved into the science fiction genre.