Forget about "Jason Bourne" - "Indignation" and "Equity" deserve your attention.

Forget about "Jason Bourne." I'll give my two cents on that film in the days to come, but alas we don't really have kind words to say about it. I really had high hopes, but it just didn't work. It felt like a rush job instead of the potent provocation of the first three films. A greatest hits package of the first three films with none of the substance. I'm catching "Suicide Squad" on Thursday so maybe that'll shake up the rust, but I doubt it, the way it has been handled and hidden from critics is a bad clue as to the quality of the actual film.

One of the year's best movies has opened up in select theaters this week.

"Indignation" James Schamus’ directorial debut is a thing of beauty. Although this peculiar love story might be thought of on paper as “conventional” by some, the surprise is that it’s far from it. In fact, some of the movies breathtaking set pieces are so daringly imagined and produced. Based on Phillip Roth’s difficult, but brilliant novel Indignation concentrates on a Jewish student’s (Logan Lerman) sexual and cultural dissatisfaction of a society gone astray. The small Ohio college he decides to attend wakes him up in alarming ways, so does a troubled, attractive blonde played by the talented Gloria Gadon."

I caught Meera Menon's "Equity" at the Sundance Film Festival thispast January and it's a real gem. It opened up in select theaters around L.A. and N.Y.

"Meera Menon's Equity, think Margin Call but starring women and directed by one as well, was one of the very best surprises of the festival. Touted as "the first female-driven Wall Street film" it follows a senior investment banker -played by Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn- who becomes involved in a dangerous game of corporate backstabbing with the Wall Street elite. It's a nasty gem of a film that was luckily picked up by Sony Pictures Classics at the tail end of the festival."