DC`s last stand with the release of three trailers: Wonder Woman, Justice League and Doctor Strange

Batman vs Superman was such a catastrophe for DC movies that they should have gone back to the drawing board. But they didn't. They have decided to go on with all the remaining projects, and there are many left. Three of which have had their trailers unveiled this past week. Let us not forget also the damage control that Warner did by inviting press and bloggers to the set of Justice League last month. I heard it was a total shitshow with nothing, but ass-kissery and a few self-entitled bloggers trying to run the show. 

This looks interesting. For the most part. Gal Gadot can do no wrong in my books. She`s stunning, talented and probably the best casting for Wonder Woman, although I do fear her Israeli accent might get in the way of her character`s amazon-ness. It also seems like Pine is going to be the comedy of the film, a partner in crime that will lurk in the shadows and surely give way for lots of feminist themes at play here. I am not entirely on-board with this film yet, but it could make for a pleasant surprise, especially with a female director, Patty Jenkins, at the helm. 

Earlier I spoke about the Justice League set-visit as being part of the damage control WB had to make after Batman V Superman. Well, this trailer seems to be a somewhat coherent improvement in terms of humor, but the degenerate style Zack Snyder seems to bring to every one of his movies looks to be intact. I would not hold my breath for this film to be anything, but a marginal marketing product. I do like Ben Affleck`s decision to have a batman sport decent five o`clock shadowed scruff with the mask. 

Here`s the biggie for me. First thing you notice from the trailer is the great cast. Tilda Swinton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mickelson in a super hero movie is good enough for me to give it a chance. Problem is the director here is Scott Derrickson. Known for making very average horror films (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Deliver us From Evil, Sinister) I have no clue how this guy got the job. The trailer looks good and has an Inception-like vibe going with all of his playful imagery of tall skyscrapers and colliding worlds.