"Swiss Army Man" directors want to remake White Chicks? Game on!

I shared my thoughts on "Swiss Army Man" back in January while at the Sundance Film Festival. By now you've probably seen or, at the very least, heard about this film, which people dubbed "the Harry Potter farting corpse movie", which I firstly walked out of at Sundance and then gave it another shot just a few days later. Second viewing was a little better, I didn't the film as seriously and just went along for the ride. This is not high art, just tell yourself that as you enter the theater, but the last third of the film is really surprising. I won't divulge anything else. Just got along with it, we will likely not remember this film 5,10 years from now, but at least we have an original and daring indie film out there this summer.

"(The Birth of a Nation's Nate) Parker surprisingly didn’t win the directing award that instead went to the directing duo behind the most polarizing film of the fest Swiss Army Man. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert won the award for a movie that Twitch Film’s Jason Gorber called “The Citizen Kane of fart joke movies.” If that doesn’t interest you at all then steer far away from this movie starring Daniel Radcliffe as a dead, farting corpse and Paul Dano as a distraught man stranded in the middle of a dessert Island. They somehow form a friendship and learn to help each other in the process. Radcliffe’s corpse is used as a jet ski ride whenever he farts, on the other hand Dano tries to teach his compadre about the joy of life by dressing up like a a girl and putting the moves on good ol’ Harry Potter. Not much else can be said, just sit back and let the ridiculousness of this movie drop your jaw down to the floor."

The Daniels (that's what they want to be called) are not done with their crazy ideas. I've been touting the Wayans Brothers seriously bad, but highly enjoyable White Chicks for a few years now and it seems like the "Swiss Army Man" duo is looking to remake the film .... as a drama! Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter:

"Oh! One of my dreams is to make White Chicks as a hard-R, Oscar-worthy drama, starring the original cast. It would be about gender and race relations in the 21st century, starring the Wayans Brothers. I don't know if you have seen White Chicks lately, but it has a lot of meat to it and explores everything, like class, gender, race, the handicapped, age, but it explores it in the worst way possible. "

The whole interview can be found HERE