SUICIDE SQUAD test Screenings reactions don't have me excited

It might not be out until August, but people are already banking on Suicide Squad to be the savior of an abysmal 2016 at the summer Box-Office. Safe for Captain America: Civil War this has been an implosive brutal summer filled with underachieving films. Is the bubble finally bursting?

I usually expect glowing writeups on twitter or blogs from fans that go to test screenings. The whole set-up is meant to brainwash people into thinking they've seen the second coming up on the screen. In this day and age of social networking I, I, I, I selfishness the film you're screening, especially an important title such as this, better get glowing tweets.

 Suicide Squad just test screened in California, here are a few reactions that have, uh-oh, some reservations.

 “You will like every single member of the Squad, with Harley (obviously) stealing the show. She’s a star and everyone will love her. This is the type of movie that demands a sequel.  I’m sure critics will find ways to hate it (it’s basically a gritty action movie with comic book characters and a Hot Topic aesthetic, which honestly might turn critics off), but DC fans will like it. The BIG thing is that the movie literally saves DCEU Batman. This Batman is BTAS personified.”

 “This is an unfinished cut. There was lots that I really liked, good action, pacing (for the most part). But as I’ve said there were 2 characters who had a decent sized role in the plot/story that did not connect with me. I could care less about them. They tried for an emotional scene and yea…didn’t work. But yes, walking out, I’ve heard a few people raving about it, and a few just good/pretty good. The person I was sitting next to came with his family and he didn’t even know the movie after they announced it (older guy) and he said it was ok. I didn’t stick around to hear if anyone had anything bad to say.”