Palme D'or winner "I, Daniel Blake" trailer

Palme D'or winner "I, Daniel Blake" finally has a trailer. Most film critics, I know there a few that did think it deserved the Palme D'or, feel like it didn't deserve the top prize at Cannes. It's a defiantly old-school film that doesn't really break any ground, but there's enough powerful stuff here to be worthy of, at the very least, a deeply incisive watch. 
Writing for The Young Folks:
"Although there might be better, more deserving directors to take the honor, Cannes’ love for 79 year-old British writer-director Ken Loach’s films is entirely endearing. In a career full of art-house hits and misses, Loach has always remained true to his blue-collar spirit and the fest has loved every minute of it, choosing more than a dozen of his films for their festival. Whereas some of his British contemporaries, such as Mike Leigh, have occasionally decided to tackle new territory in some films, Loach has always remained true to his roots. His latest "I, Daniel Blake" (7/10) is a problematic, but important critique of the British social system.
The titular character (as played by Dave Johns) hops from one government agent to the next with not many answers to his questions. He’s just had a heart attack and his doctors are telling him he can’t work due to his delicately, risky health condition. The people over at the benefit office for the unemployed want to hear none of that, in fact they don’t want to explain anything to Blake, instead they want him to go online and figure everything out. Problem is our hero is computer illiterate, he’s never used one in his life, to make matters worse he’s a stubborn, hot-blooded, old-fashioned kind of guy."