"Finding Dory" is modest, minor Pixar, but isn't that better than 99% of summer 2016?

I'm a Pixar nut. I think "WALL-E", "UP!", "Ratatouille", "Toy Story 3" and last year's sublime "Inside Out" are among some of the most creative and brilliant studio films the last two decades, but I do also know that they have a knack to give in to the money muckers and give us a sequel every few years. Lately it's been 1 every 2 years and I HATE it with a passion, but that's the movie business this decade. I had high hopes for "Finding Dory" and, of course, it didn't meet them. I mean, how could it? "Finding Nemo" is a classic and the critical success they've had with the "Toy Story" movies is a rare feat that can't be done for every film.

This is lower-tier Pixar, but not as bad as "Cars 2" or "A Bug's Life" which remain the two worst films they've released, but do take note I haven't seen "The Good Dinosaur" which I completely forgot about and will have to catch soon now, but that one was not well received at all by critics. No, "Finding Dory" is more on the level of "Brave" or, dare I say it, the underappreciated and fun "Monsters University".

It is modest and minor Pixar. It has great moments, but seems to go along on around the same trek that the 2003 film went. There are a few surprises here and there, but this is run-of-the-mill stuff that Pixar can concoct in their sleep. I'll take that over almost anything we've seen this summer, safe "Captain America: Civil War", maybe. My abnormal expectations are now lowered for any other sequel they have up their sleeves, unless it's "The Incredibles 2".