Don't listen to the haters, Kristen Stewart can act

Earlier this month I posted about Personal Shopper and how refreshing it was to see K-Stew finally carrying an entire movie all by herself. In "Cafe Society" she doesn't necessarily carry as much as just splash herself in Vito Storaro's lush, colorful photography, but she nevertheless churns out another beauty of a performance.

Stewart's sad eyes, throaty delivery and slightly heartbreaking aura make her interesting in every frame, ad an easy chemistry between her and her third-time co-star Jesse Eisenberg and he fits perfectly into his role while she simply overflows the screen. It's a real charmer of a flick that I will possibly delve deeper into come its release date a couple of weeks from now.

Stewart's career has been fascinating to watch. She basically started it in a David Fincher film ("Panic Room"), but then had the fortune (or is it misfortune?) of being cast in the "Twilight" films, which I'm not a fan of, but if they hadn't existed we would probably not be talking about Stewart today. But also she could have just coasted along after those films and taken on another franchise film series and made boatloads of money, but no, Stewart wanted to raise her art and I do respect that tremendously. Whatever you think of her as actress she is an exemplary performer that has shown what can come out of a backlash, because there definitely was a backlash towards her acting skills in "Twilight". I even got into an argument over her performing merits with more than a few people. They just don't get it, but I know I'll clearly have the last laugh when she wins that inevitable Oscar.