X-Men: Apocalypse is a terrible, empty vehicle of a movie

We've gotten the best and worst of superhero movies thus far this year. On one hand you have the primitively thought-out empty tank that was Batman v. Superman, but on the other there is the very watchable Captain America - Civil War. Which way X-Men Apocalypse would go was uncertain, but I am here to report that the movie just plainly disappoints. It is competently made, but if Civil War tried to be a little different in terms of pacing and action then this new X-Men movie resorts to the worst possible same old same old recipe.The set-up was good, but at mid-point it just felt like it was going through the motions and by the end I just didn't care about the outcome

At this point in time the movie is not due for release until three weeks from now. The fact that Fox screened this film means that they really were banking on word of mouth to drive the box office receipts. Not going to happen. In fact as I expected the reviews have so far been scathing. This might be the last summer movie that will likely screen this much time in advance for the critics. Fox was the sacrficial pig, all the other studios have now been warned: Critics are on the hunt for bad movie franchises this summer. Deservedly so.