Drake Doremus' Equals

Drake Doremus' "Like Crazy"was the toast of Sundance back in 2011, winning the Grand Jury Prize and then being snatched up by Paramount Vintage for an impressive $4 million. It also kicked-started the film careers of stars Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence, Sadly, his follow-up entitled "Breath In" didn't fare as well with the critics and was seen as a step back for the promising writer-director.

His latest film, "Equals", had its north American premiere last September at the Toronto International film festival, and it also competed for the Golden Lion at the 72nd Venice film festival. However, reviews were mixed and, as it stands, it currently has a 44% Rotten Tomatoes score out of 18 reviews.

Hopes are still sky-high that this might become a sleeper hit this summer, with a July 15th release date and an all-star cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Guy Pearce and Nicholas Hoult.

The science fiction film takes place in a futuristic utopian society where human emotions are eradicated so that everyone can live in peace.  However, a new disease surfaces, and an illustrator (as played by Hoult) starts to feel and experience things. He teams up with another infected, a writer played by Stewart, as they both escape their imprisoned surrounding in order to survive.

The plot sounds intriguing and the new stills released hint at an impressively created sci-fi world. Doremus seems to be using a lot of white and blue palettes in the film and, if "Like Crazy" and "Breath In" were any indication, he hasn't lost his knack for beautifully rendered-visuals. Consider us intrigued.