Captain America - Civil War's Box Office numbers

'Captain America: Civil War' Opens with $181.8 Million; Global Cume Climbs Over $675M

by Brad Brevet
May 8 - Captain America: Civil War scorched the weekend box office, bringing in the fifth largest opening weekend of all-time. The massive debut contributed to Disney bringing in over $200 million this weekend as the studio became the fastest to cross the $1 billion mark. Meanwhile, Open Road'sMother's Day took advantage of its holiday namesake for a stellar second weekend.

Solid numbers, but not Avengers solid, more like Iron Man 3 solid. Which is still pretty great. I think word of mouth will probably drive this film to make much more money than the third Iron Man. This is really a good, solid entertainment, but it just bugs me that another superhero movie will likely cross the billion dollar mark because that means that more will come. The bubble can only burst if there is a major flop and then another one. It's somewhat happening with the DC movies, but not with Marvel.