Cannes thoughts

There are still about 7 days left for me here in Cannes and the festival has surprisingly been tame in terms of great movies. I've been somewhat sleeping 5-6 hours (if lucky) a night. If at TIFF and Sundance I can easily catch 4-5 movies a day, here the number is more like 3, 4 on some good days, because, quite frankly, a lot of the euro-centric artsy jerk-off session stuff is just not my cup of tea. The first five days saw the emergence of two bona-fide, hot-diggity competition films: Andrea Arnold's American Honey and Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann. There is still lots of time to go and tonight I'm watching the new Jim Jarmusch, who's a director that can either hit or miss. Oh, come on, you know I know it. The guy can make a flat out great movie and then come out with a complete dud the next year, without sacrificing his style.