The indisputably great OJ Simpson series comes to a close tonight

"American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" is coming to a close tonight. I'm old enough to remember, quite vividly actually, the O.J Simpson trail back in the 90s. That was an intense time. Yes, I also remember exactly where I was when the white Bronco car chase was broadcast live to everyone's amazement. It was like watching a mystery unfold in real time. Something too many people take for granted today with the internet opening up a whole different spectrum for viewing things. And then there was the trial, with its headline-grabbing sensationalism and the racial overtones. You did have people that thought he was innocent, but most of the mainstream believed he did it. 
After 20 plus years the gawker effect still lingers with this terrible case. The show really proved how dramatized it all was and how, essentially, everyone was guilty in their own way. Hollywood is not very original most of the time so taking a page from past history and giving it a fresh spin seems like another way to milk the money home, but what this show did was make viewers learn more about what went on behind the scenes with Simpson's dream team and the other legal players in the trial of the century. It did it with the most artful sense of justice we will likely have with this case. Sometimes art can change societal discourse and I do find this show did just that.