Indy 5? Yes, but with a grain of salt

'Indiana Jones 5' Will Be A "Continuation" Of 'Crystal Skull,' Frank Marshall Says Harrison Ford Will Be The Only Indy

The last Indiana Jones was a complete and utter mess. Spielberg admitted it, Ford admitted it. The screenplay was terrible, it took them almost 20 years to write something concrete and all they could come up with was a half-cooked plot about aliens and nazis? It seems to me like Spielberg is trying to make up for it and give it another shot. George Lucas won't have anything to do with this one, which is great. but another part of the reason the last Indy didn't work was that you had to suspend disbelief and pretend a 70 year-old Harrison Ford could pull off all those stunts. He's going to be 75 years old by the time this thing gets released ... The first two films are still the golden standard.