"De Palma" a letter to Millennials

Dear Millennials,

I hope you do know that there is more to Brian De Palma than just Passion, The Black Dahlia, Redacted, Femme Fatale and Mission To Mars. In fact, those five movies are probably the five worst movies of his career, Bonfire of the Vanities notwithstanding. No kiddies, the De Palma I know is the man that was on such a roll in the 70s and 80s that you might say his winning streak was as grandiose as Scorsese's or Woody's. He was that good. Don't listen to the whiners that claim he was just ripping off Hitchcock, I think those people are gravely missing the point. No, De Palma was a master at building up sense, maybe the best one of his generation alongside Polanski. Try to get a DVD or, what is it now, Blu-Ray copy of Blow-Out and you'll understand why. If anything his movies were the greatest kind of homages to Hitchcock imaginable. Carlito's Way is one of the great gangster movies of our time. Yet, critics found ways to coplain about it and tarnish its reputation. Good thing some smart millennials have justly revived it these last couple of years. How about Dressed To Kill? The ultimate Hitchcock hommage in my books. It had everything you loved about De Palma,: Sex, murder, kinkiness and cross-dressing! Ditto Body Double which turned out to be the highest class kind of trash. He also ended up making a great war movie, Casulaties of War, which had the distinction of actually featuring a great Michael J Fox performance. For all his kitschy, obsessive ways, De Palma ended up being a master of -shock- restraint. Nothing restraining about his legendary horror flick Carrie, which is one of the great uses of the cinematic color of red I've ever seen. Lest us not forget his two drastically different takes on legendary gangsters: Al Capone in The Untouchables and Scarface. The latter being his most famous movie among you kiddies, no thanks to wannabe rappers around the world who thought of the despicable violator, as played in epic over the top fashion by Al Pacino, as heroic? Another unfortunately misunderstood De Palma film.