`Captain America: Civil War is one of the better superhero movies, but aimed primarily for the ADD crowd

Coming out of this morning`s screening at the Bank Scotia theater I was exhausted by the 150 minutes movie that was Civil War. It`s actually the lengthiest Marvel movie yet. So much stuff is jam-packed into this film, both good and bad, that some of the better moments get quickly forgotten once the next showstopper hits.  I don`t mind that, because this movie solely exists as a marketing entertainment, but I wish it somehow had time to just pause, refresh, reboot, breath before the next action battle comes. Thus is the problem with super-hero movies, they are marketed for teenagers, millennials if you will, and they are the generation with the shortest attention span ... ever. No, really, ever since we have existed as species there has never been a poorer attention-spanned bunch of young adults that today. It will only get much worse I fear, but that primarily explains why so much action is packed into this and many, many other superhero movies. The studios and filmmakers fear the audience will quickly get bored, something has to happen or else we`ll lose them. Sad state of affairs if you ask me. Captain America: Civil is entertaining, but it barely has time to pause and have a concrete narrative happening. It's problem-action-problem-action throughout, at some point you have to ask yourself am I watching a movie or am I being inserted into a video game?