Batman V Superman hits 81% second week loss

Courtesy of Jeffery Wells, it does seem like chickens have come to roost. This is great news if you've been slowly, impatiently, waiting for the demise of the superhero movie. The film has been getting nasty feedback from critics and audiences, unless you're a 13 year-old boy, which is the demographic that is making movies such as these survive and prosper in the industry.

"As widely predicted, Batman vs. Superman is down, down, down on its second weekend — an 81% drop from last Friday or, as Deadline‘s Anthony D’Allessandro has qualified, a 72% plummet if you eliminate the $27.7 million earned in pre-weekend previews. Last night’s BvS haul was $15.3 million, down from last Friday’s $81.55 million. The majority obviously hatesthis movie — the word-of-mouth is overwhelmingly negative. BvS is doing so poorly that it’s only made $224,422,793 domestic and $587,822,793worldwide so far…appalling! The all-but-universally despised film is projected to take in $50 million by Sunday night."

What does this mean exactly? I can't really say because we kind of expected this to happen, it really is all up to Warner Bros. to decide whether they are ready to reboot and start from scracth because they have a lot of big projects ahead of them, including Justice League, which Snyder is supposed to direct.