Asghar Farhadi`s new film Gholam

Earlier this week many were stunned to learn that Asghar Farhadi's latest movie "Gholam" hadn't made the cut for Cannes 2016, especially after the world-wide accalaim both his 2011 film "A Separation" and 2013's "The Past" garnered.

Well, it looks like there was a reason for the exclusion. The film just wasn't finished. In fact, production just wrapped for "Gholam" this past week and a first look still was released as well.

A UK-Iranian production, the film stars Iranian born artist-photographer Mitra Tabrizian in the story of a cab driver haunted by his past and getting himself involved in current conflict with a total stranger.

The character of the cab driver was loosely influenced by a man Tabrizian photographed in 2006 as part of her "Border about exiled Iranians". Tabrizian also wrote the script with first-time screenwriter Cyrus Massoudi.