A24 is dropping the ball on the masterful Krisha

Krisha is the best move released so far this year. It has an 87 Metacritic score and 96% RT score, YET there has been no promotion and has barely left the usual L.A, NY, Chicago metro areas. What gives? Well a little emailing here and there and I found out that its distributor A24 has no intention to push the film. They signed a two-pic deal with its director Trey Edward Shults as a way to get the second film he will direct. They don't care about Krisha. Grave mistake, Krisha is a masterpiece. I do hope they change their minds and go on forward by distributing it properly. My fellow critic from the Miami Herald groaned "It hasn't even opened here! They're all about Green Room right now and hinting at De Palma". No disrespect to Green Room, one of the best films of the spring, but A24 needs to get their act together and promote the visionary, masterful Krisha.