The Montreal Expos

I met the mayor last night and he seems to be, at least based on my conversation with him, a genuinely nice guy. We spoke about baseball mostly, when I told him I appreciated all the effort he`s putting into getting back our beloved Montreal Expos he said ``You ain`t seen nothing yet!`` which was, quite clearly, the best response.

I do believe the mayor, a major baseball fan, when he says we ain't seen nothin' yet, but we need a downtown outdoor stadium and we need investors that could bring money at the table. It's as simple as that and the way Montreal is going economically I don't know who would have enough dough to shell out for a baseball team. It would have to be a consortium of people, Montreal is as socialist a city as any in North America you don't really have any billionaires here.

I have long been a baseball fan, but some of that passion left when the Montreal Expos left town in 2004. There was the feeling of betrayal that came with their departure, Major League Baseball had done everything to ruin them and the sport was at its lowest at the time as well. Remember when there was no cap? I remember one season the Expos having paying all their players a total of 15 million dollars! Remember, that is 30 Major League ball players! Whereas the Yankees on the other side of the spectrum were nearing 300 million. The sport has changed and now these "poor franchises" can actually afford to have a baseball time dur to a new system where, I believe, but don't quote me, the more rich teams share some of their money to the poorer teams. Baseball would survive in Montreal now.

I have great memories of my time at ball games. I used to go practically every Sunday to the ballpark with my family, tickets were super chap as well, bleacher seats were just five bucks and this is the late 90's! Vladimir Guerrero was and still is the most exciting athlete I have ever seen at a live sporting event. The guy deserves Hall of Fame recognition and I hope he gets it one day. In the era of steroids he was one of the best and cleanest players. I doubt he took it. He was too skinny and too naturally talented to be taking it. His swing reminded me of a golfer's. He was really unique and I'm glad the Expos traded him to the Angels because they took good care of him over there in California, where he won a World Series! I'd think if he ever makes it to the Hall Of Fame it would be as an Angel, but his heart will ways be in Montreal.