Post- Super Tuesday notes

Now that the dust has settled, the Hilary vs, Trumo matchup seems more and more as a certainty. Only a fool would bet against Hilary, who took all five states last nights, and Trump seems to be the favorite, even though it seems like the Republicans will go all the way to the convention.

What does a Trump-Clinton matchup mean exactly ... It means that we are in for a bloodbath of epic proportions, dont think for a second that he will make it easy for Hilary, he has said he will attack her and he does have a ton of ammo ... She does as well on him! Its a battle for the presidency and having two candidates that would pretty much do ANYTHING to get it battling it out against each other is going to make for a hell of  contest.

Now, I know that Trump hasnt even garnered the nomination yet, hell even Hilary hasnt, but this is where we are heading folks and as much as Id love to see Bernie win, last nights colossal failure in the Sanders camp sealed the deal for Hilary, the problem is that many  Bernie voters said they wouldnt vote Hilary if he didnt make it ... whereas Republicans would probably support their candidate, whomever that may be. This will be a much closer race than many think it will be.