Paramount holding off on Scorsese's Silence and not showing it at Cannes would be huge mistake

Now that Variety has officially reported what we did not want to hear all along, that Scorsese's Silence chances to bow at Cannes are slim, I have to ask the inevitable question, why? The picture seems to be done, minus a couple of editing tweaks I've been hearing about, but Paramount deciding to not show it at Cannes would be a, not trying to imitate Trump, HUGE mistake.If you have confidence in your film and you know it is worthy, why would you not show it at Cannes? Scorsese gets great reviews in France no matter which film he makes, they love him there because he represents the best of American auteur cinema - Is the movie that divisive that they need to keep it away until the prestige season? Are they that concerned about negative buzz affecting the film's Oscar Chances? I really don't know ... Maybe Scorsese is just being Scorsese and relentlessly editing the picture until the very last minute with Thelma Schoonmaker ... I was actually planning on attending Cannes this year and in the back of my head I would have really liked to have had a Scorsese in competition, the first time since 1986 and After Hours!

The good news, however, is that we might finally get to see Terrence Malick's Voyage Of Time.  You can find the full article HERE