Eye In The Sky

Eye in the sky is what happens when you take a pertinently relevant subject matter, one which hasn't really been depicted yet in a mass marketed movie, and you take advantage of the situation at hand by making an action movie out of it. Good movie? I'd say so.

Directed with visual flair by Gavin Hood, a seolid comeback for him might I add, the film is tighlty knit and takes place in the span of only a few hoursbin the day of British and American intelligence.
Drone warfare has been very much part of the Obama presidency, so much so that you'll find many anti people giving him such names as President Drone. What this system of warfare really does though is prevent mass casualties on the ground by instead focusing on a specific target from the sky down.

The characters in Eye In The Sky seem to have a moral-based set of values, at least most of them , which means they push forward the main conflict of the film: if you had the chance to hit a specific, important, target, but run the risk of killing innocent bystanders in the process, would you do it? In the film there is enough intelligence to know that a top dawg terrorist is hiding in a bunker, but playing around the bunker is an innocent child, one whom might not survive if a drone hits. Hood keeps the tension running, even when you feel like he's really just trying to stretch this thing out to feature length level.

 I first saw the film at TIFF last year where reviews seemed to be mostly positive from critics. It won't shatter records and it's not a ground breaker, but its artistry is fantastic, leaving you on the edge of your seat until the inevitable climax. I do look forward to the next few films that will tackle this subject, and they will come quickly and swiftly, because there's a lot to chew on here and Eye In The Sky is a good starting point.