Brussels thoughts: A New World Order

You know, sometimes Donald Trump isn't totally out of his mind. Yeah, I know, that's a terrible way to start a writeup, but it's true. I'm specifically referring to his militant stance on radical Islam. It's actually a bigger problem than many liberal progressives would have you believe and, by the way, I'm a huge Pro-Bernie fanatic! What we are seeing here is a religion that is singlehandedly creating a "New World Order", Radical Islam is poisonous enough to start complete chaos and want "they" truly want, the terrorist, is a New World Order, a caliphate and until we truly come to grips and admit that to be the case we will never win this war. I'm not saying we should carpet-bomb them, not quite the contrary, because really, the "them" here is a quite complicate term and one that we need to reassess as well. There are billions of Muslims in the world, and if this Politico Article is any indication, 20 percent of them want a caliphate, that's millions upon millions of people! A part of the religion has been toxicized by many and until we admit that we are deep trouble.