Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Snyder's days are being counted

I'm all for a young director making it into the Hollywood system and, hell, even getting to direct a superhero franchise. Look at Christopher Nolan, he built a healthy following from making those Batman movies, but he always had an artful, ambitious flair to follow his own vision and never get suckered by the Hollywood machine. Zack Snyder on the other hand ... everything has gone wrong for the guy, except for the massive paycheck he's getting. Warner Bros. thought they had their "guy" with him, but it turns out that the surprising success of 300 was just that, a surprising success that was mostly a one-time deal.

You don't know how disappointed I am by Batman vs Superman? Well let me first start off by saying that all I read were Superman and Batman comic books as a kid. I adored them. I have a collection of more than 500 comic books, many in mint condition and worth a lot of money, and I'd say 70% of them are either Batman or Superman comic books. That's why I truly believe Snyder just doesn't "get it". He had a vision for this film, and Man Of Steel for that matter, but it was the wrong one. The best way to envision Superman cinematically is the way Richard Donner did in Superman II, where you embrace the cheesiness of it all, but still make it effectively dark and intriguing.

I'm also very familiar with the source material of this new movie. There was actually a great animated feature that went straight to DVD around 4 years ago called The Dark Knight Returns which might just be the greatest animated superhero movie I've ever seen. That was Batman Vs Superman, but done magnificently and on a far more coherent scale. Snyder's vision is all over the place, the pacing is absurd and the direction boring in the most over-the-top kind of way.

The film will make money, it has the words "batman" and "superman" in the title, I presume it's going to pull good numbers the first weekend, but it won't have legs. the fanboys are already revolting against Snyder, the guy might have another big budget job after this one. He's quite possibly the luckiest director in Hollywood, but he, pardon my french, fucked it up immensely this time. His directing is atrocious. I cringed when I saw Man Of Steel, but Batman vs Superman is on a whole other epic level a failure.

Snyder is set to direct two Justic League movies ... A well known film critic that will remain anonymous messaged me a few hours after the press screening of Batman vs Superman saying: 'WB is fucked. They put all their eggs in his basket and this movie is going to kill the series. I wonder if they will pull the plug on Justice League if this one doesn't have legs (it'll open big, for sure, but it needs to hold strong)'

That about says it all.