2008 was the last time a Supherhero movie had shades of greatness

I think I've reached a point where I just can't deal anymore with superhero movies. It just seems like now we've reached a point where one gets released every month. Problem is the quality keeps diminishing and these movies feel more and more like sewn-together marketing products than actual artistic visions. Gone are the days of The Dark Knight. This is, of course, all about money and as long as people keep showing up there will be money to be made. Case in point: Batman VS Superman, which was, to me at least, the equivalence of having to sit in class and have the teacher scratching her fingernails on the chalkboard for two and a half hours.

It also looks like these kind of eruptions are becoming more and more pronounced throughout the web, but don't count on the box-office receipts to be any lower, This is very much a genre that is pushed forward by 13-16 year-old boys, and fact of the matter is they are the ones that buy the most movie tickets in the country, I think I finally had enough around 8 years ago , post Dark Knight/Iron Man being released in 2008 (coincidentally those are widely known as the two best comic-book movies, I'd probably eve add Spider-Man 2 to make it a trifecta of greatness) Anyway, those were the days and the last superhero movies before the "machine" evolved into a mass-marketed billion dollar industry of mold.

Superhero Milestones usually stop at 2008:
2003 X2:X-Men United
2004: Spider-Man 2
2005: Batman Begins
2008: The Dark Knight & Iron Man